Project management, task analysis, UX & UI design


Brown University needed to create a web-based directory of all research and researchers at Brown.  After the back end for data collection was built, we were brought in to:

  • Assess the system interface
  • Improve usability
  • Hire and oversee support staff
  • Help researchers with data entry
  • Ensure data quality and integrity
  • Report regularly to the Provost on the project’s progress.

There was a tight deadline to get all researchers to enter project description data.


→ Project and team management
→ Task, workflow and usability analysis
→ User interface and user interaction design
→ Wireframes and prototypes
→ Documentation and support materials
→ Testing, QA, data integrity analysis


We were told that after we came on board, the project “came to life.” With the process and interface simplified, the time needed to enter data decreased and compliance went up accordingly. Users found the interface intuitive and needed less support. Data integrity was ensured and content standards were met. It was the first time information all of Brown’s research projects was made available in one place.