Website design & development, content, custom admin software


LVARI’s site had to support not only a diverse audience with different needs, but also serve as an informational portal for the organization’s five regional branches. Content had to be written with multiple levels of literacy and different cultures in mind. The design and imagery had to accurately represent and inspire both potential students and potential volunteers. LVARI also needed an easy way on the back end for multiple authors to update information about volunteer trainings across the state.


→ Website design and development
→ Project management
→ Content creation
→ Workflow and task analysis
→ Custom back-end system to enter training schedules


Following launch, LVARI saw an uptick in volunteer and student inquiries, and the organization received great feedback from donors and supporters. Site administrators were thrilled to be able to keep class information current. For our work on this site and the difference it made to the organization, we were chosen as “Literacy Heroes” and given an award at an annual event honoring those whose efforts have made a difference in the adult literacy community.