Application development, SharePoint, ASP.NET, C#, Microsoft Reporting Services


Vemo makes state-of-the-art reporting, analysis and forecasting software for HR. Vemo needed to improve the performance, response times and usability of its flagship application. In a project using SharePoint solutions, Analysis Services, Visual Studio and C#, we singlehandedly

  • Debugged the application, analyzed C# code and wrote optimized algorithms
  • Made tools for a better maintenance workflow
  • Implemented new features that improved usability

Following that project, we helped Vemo design a new product that lets customers look at multiple reports on a single page and batch-export them to PowerPoint and PDF.

On all projects, we worked closely with Vemo’s technical and business team to create agile, iterative plans that met requirements and could be achieved within established schedules and budgets.


→ Project management
→ Requirements analysis
→ UX/UI design
→ SharePoint solutions development
→ C# ASP.NET 4.0 development
→ Microsoft Reporting Services development


The performance and usability of Vemo’s product was dramatically improved. Its response times were reduced from minutes to seconds. Our application administration and configuration improvements reduced new product rollout time from weeks to days, allowing Vemo to turn customer projects around that much faster. Data that was previously viewable only across multiple screens is now efficiently presented in one view. Vemo’s customers were thrilled with the improvements, saying it saved them significant time and money.